Bullet Blues Style Radar: Steve McQueen's Watch Goes Up for Auction

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Bullet Blues’ Style Radar: Steve McQueen’s Watch goes up for Auction

Steve McQueen's Watch - Fashion blog from Bullet Blues

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“I’m out of the Midwest. It was a good place to come from. It gives you a sense of right or wrong and fairness, which I think is lacking in our society.”

Steve McQueen

Bullet Blues’ Style Radar: Steve McQueen’s Watch

Steve McQueen's Watch going to auction - Bullet Blues' fashion blog - Made in America

Recreating Steve McQueen’s iconic American style is easier to duplicate than his effortless cool. Combine a pair of classic, American-made jeans and a T-shirt from Bullet Blues. Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Can you get more American than Steve McQueen, “King of Cool?” This fall, Steve McQueen’s watch, originally priced at $250 will go up for auction.

Nearly forty years after his death, Steve McQueen’s watch, life and style are still in demand. McQueen, however, taught us that style doesn’t always have to do with our outward appearance. More than that, style has to do with embracing life and embracing what you value. Read more about Steve McQueen’s life at Biography.com.

Because McQueen wasn’t shy about his opinions, he developed an image of sexy rebel.  Like this icon, if you value and support American workers, stay true to the cause by spending your money at companies like Bullet Blues.

Steve McQueen’s watch worth more than $1 million

Most importantly, McQueen lived life on his terms. And, that life has now reached iconic status.

A Submariner Rolex watch, possibly owned by McQueen, is going up for auction in October. The pre-auction estimates run as high as $600,000 for Steve McQueen’s watch. And, by the time the auctioneer’s gavel sets the final price, the watch will likely go for more than $1 million. Fashion designer Ralph Lauren, for one, is reportedly interested in the watch.


Steve McQueen's watch going to auction - Bullet Blues fashion blog

Steve McQueen’s Watch –  On the set of ‘Papillon’ wearing his Rolex watch. Photo courtesy of Forbes.

A Rolex Daytona, owned by Paul Newman, sold for $17.8 million in 2017. Ironically, McQueen and Newman were considered Hollywood rivals.

McQueen probably purchased the watch in the mid-1960s at a cost of around $250. Learn more about the Submariner Rolex and the October auction in this 2018 article in Forbes titled, “Exclusive: The Secret History of Steve McQueen’s Rolex Submariner.” 

Steve McQueen's Watch going for auction - Bullet Blues' fashion blog - Made in America

It’s no surprise how Steve McQueen’s easy, masculine style has given him iconic status. McQueen had a magic combination of effortless cool and edginess. Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Collectors want to own Steve McQueen’s Watch and a piece of his life for good reason. McQueen was the epitome of American cool.

From troubled kid to American icon

In fact, he was known as the “King of Cool.” And, nearly forty years after his death, Steve McQueen is still an American style icon. McQueen earned his cool stripes honestly. And, today, we can learn from McQueen’s effortless cool style.

Born in Beech Grove, Indiana, Terrance Steven McQueen, achieved stardom after a rough start. Due to his father’s abandonment, a missing-in-action mother and a physically abusive stepfather, McQueen’s childhood was anything but idyllic.

Steve McQueen's Watch going for auction - Bullet Blues jeans and shirt made in America

Look to Bullet Blues’ Rebel Cobalt for an American-made pair of classic jeans fit for any ‘King of Cool.’ You can also find the shirt “Life is a Fun Ride” on Bullet Blues site. The tee is also 100% made in USA

For example, McQueen spent time in California reform schools. As a young adult, he did a stint in the Merchant Marines and enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps. Afterwards, McQueen took up acting in the early 1950s. Soon after, his talent and style was noticed. He studied acting in New York City with famed acting coach Lee Strasberg. By the 1960s, however, he was a full-fledged movie star. McQueen’s stardom continued through the 1970s, until his death from cancer in 1980.

Part of McQueen’s appeal had to do with his rugged, masculine lifestyle. He frequently raced dirt bikes and cars as a hobby. In addition, he was often photographed racing, which only reinforced his macho appeal.

So how can you bring a little Steve McQueen style into your own life?

You drop the consumer guilt and buy American-made designer clothes from Bullet Blues.

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