Summer Date Night Featuring the Bullet Blues Mathilde LBD

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Summer Date Night Rocking The Bullet Blues Mathilde LDB

Enjoy this Summer date night look featuring Bullet Blues Mathilde Little Black Dress.

summer date night with Bullet Blues Mathilde LBD Made in USA

Photography: Jennifer Collins Photography

Starting with this Summer date night look, I will be sharing two other outfits featuring this LBD. This three part series is a must read for all you dress lovers! I chose to do a casual look, a classy all black look, and a Summer date night look which is the one I will be talking about today. It’s probably my favorite one, too.

From Summer date night to running errands, this Bullet Blues dress is perfect for anything. It’s kinda my thing to invest in simple pieces that can be worn for many different occasions. I talk about that on my blog, Topknot Style, all the time. I will not purchase an item if it doesn’t look great with both heels and sneakers. This dress, which is made in the USA, definitely has that ability. The slit really classes it up, but is so subtle that it isn’t going to look awkward with some sneakers.

For this Summer date night look, I wanted to take this Bullet Blues LBD and brighten it up with well, brights! It is Summer, after all. I think if you add color to a basic dress, that you can mix several colors. Stick with two or three colors and you should be fine. These pink heels really make this look pop! The yellow clutch from FLY Modern Apparel is a little softer so it’s not making your eyes go from one color to the next. These heels really are my go-to; they change every look in the prettiest way.

Cutouts have been a big trend for quite a while, and I love that this clutch has that. It just goes to show that trends can exist in many different pieces, not just a dress or top. The cutouts look like a print from further away which is really cool, and is another concept to add to any LBD to make it stand out.

I really hope you like this first look featuring the Mathilde dress. What would you fashionistas do for a Summer date night? What colors would you wear to make your LBD pop? Let me know in the comments.

summer date night with Bullet Blues Mathilde LBD Made in USA summer date night with Bullet Blues Mathilde LBD Made in USA summer date night with Bullet Blues Mathilde LBD Made in the USA    


Guest Blogger: Alexandria Waning from Topknot Style

Photography:  Jennifer Collins Photography

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