The Truth About American Designer Jeans Vs European Denim

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The Truth About American Designer Jeans Vs European Denim

Discover The Truth About American Designer Jeans and How “Made in USA” has Revolutionized the Denim Market

Settle in with your fave mug of coffee as we delve into the truth about American designer jeans… it’s the fashion lesson you may not have learned in school. Ever since Levi Strauss invented the concept of ‘blue jeans’ in 1873, San Francisco, American-made denim has successfully reached the top of just about every trend-setter’s wish list. Hurray!

The Truth about American Designer Jeans - Bullet Blues' Blog

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But with so much competition on the block and big players like Europe competing for their lion’s share, what is that sets the Made in America denim trade apart from the European market? Read on to find out some juicy insights from Team Bullet Blues.

The Truth about American Designer Jeans

Since America ranks ahead of the leader board as the largest market for denim jeans worldwide, it’s no wonder the global forecast is predicted to reach $79.2 billion USD by 2022. Impressive! Let’s look into some of the key factors influencing change in both American-made jeans, and jeans made in Europe:

1) Premium Denim Jeans Have Become Acceptable in the Workplace

Move over Casual Fridays, it seems that executive wear is taking stock from modern western culture and becoming the new norm for office attire. Trend-driven men and women everywhere are reinventing the wheel and pushing the smart-casual envelope into uncharted territory. Gone are the days of only sporting starched white collars and same-old uniform pants. You heard it here first guys and gals, premium polished denim is taking a well deserved seat at the boardroom table.

Bullet Blues' blog - the truth about American designer jeans

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2) Denim Innovation, Quality and Fit

The truth about American designer jeans has long been a fashion concept that’s worth a lengthy discussion – especially if denim is your go-to fabric for most occasions. In particular, high-end blue jeans are a popular wardrobe staple, which fashion designers and retailers have noted over the past few seasons. Here at Bullet Blues, we’re advocates of premium quality blue jeans made in the USA, so we understand that demand for custom-made apparel continues to grow. It can be difficult to find a fabric that fits perfectly, looks the part and gets better with every wear, but that’s the difference between authentic and bottom-dollar denim.

3) Price Tags and Labels

When it comes to labels, there’s no denying the fact that celebrities are influencers for what’s hot on the denim front. But a good quality pair of American-made jeans doesn’t have to cost you an entire month’s rent. While typical price points for jeans tend to range in the ballpark of $45-$200 depending on production, craftsmanship and retail price; if you shop for superior quality blue jeans, you’re far more likely to find a pair that’s made to last. Every pair of Bullet Blues jeans gets our seal of approval before shipping, and the truth about American designer jeans is that every pair undergoes a detailed quality check to grant you with the most exclusive styles on the denim market.

Bullet Blues Made in the USA - The Truth about American Designer Jeans

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