The White Sneaker Trend with Bullet Blues Jeans and Dresses

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White Sneaker Trend and Bullet Blues Jeans and Dresses

The white sneaker trend! Hot! Hot! Hot!

One of the hottest trends right now is the white sneaker. And what’s better than a white sneaker? An American made sneaker from New Balance for example! Here are some ideas on how to pair a white sneaker with your Bullet Blues designer jeans made in the USA.

White Sneaker With Your Bullet Blues Designer Jeans

American Made Sneaker from New Balance

We at Bullet Blues love this white sneaker trend. It makes any outfit feel relevant and “right now” even though It has been around for a while.  We can tell you that it is not going anywhere! In fact, it is just getting more and more popular. 

The most popular white sneaker trend is to pair your footwear with denim. A great pair of comfy boyfriend jeans, rolled at the ankle, with a clean shoe on is just so cool right now.  This look has been spotted on just about every street style star, stylist and fashion editor known to man. The reason the boyfriend jean looks amazing with a sneaker is because it allows you to do something fancier on the top! Bullet Blues “Le Copain “ is definitely the perfect boyfriend jean to rock with your white sneakers. The wash that we call “Reverie” features soft fading throughout the thigh and rear, with light flecks of ‘whiskering’ at the hip that will look beautiful paired with white shoes and a feminine top in pastel or black.

Bullet Blues Boyfriend Jeans Made in the USA

Bullet Blues Boyfriend Jeans Made in the USA


To make the white sneaker trend a fun idea is to mix hard and soft (pretty and edgy) together. There is always the go-to skinny jean, too! Bullet Blues Fox Azur comes in a dark wash that will make your favorite white sneaker pops. These American made skinny jeans are also a great investment piece. They fit like a glove and they are so comfy. A pair of dark skinnies with white sneakers look so clean and put together. Wearing a basic tee on top is totally okay. It may seem so basic, and maybe it is, but you will look so chic.

White Sneaker With You Bullet Blues designer jeans

Bullet Blues Fox skinny jeans made in the USA


And now let’s talk dresses with this fabulous white sneaker trend! We bet that you never expected that pairing sporty shoes and a pretty dress is one of Bullet Blues favorite looks. But, it surely is! Yes, sporty footwear with dresses! We are talking maxi, printed, bodycon, or sexy mini. Anything. Well, we wouldn’t pair it with a formal dress, but… we would with a sexy black little dress like our Mathilde  or Camille made in the USA. A sneaker/dress combo is elevated casual at it’s finest! If you want to pair your sneaker choice with one of the Bullet Blues American made dresses and you should,  play around with accessories. We feel like some arm candy, multiple bracelets and big earrings would compliment perfectly this genius look.  

Bullet Blues Camille LBD made in the USA

Bullet Blues Camille LBD made in the USA

Bullet Blues Mathilde LBD made in the USA

Bullet Blues Mathilde LBD made in the USA


If you want to look glam with a twist of sporty, then it is time to reinvent yourself with cute white sneakers paired with a stylish designer jean or chic dress from our Bullet Blues American made collection. Let us know what you plan on pairing your sneakers with!


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