Customer Feedback

Sheila Marshall

“I'm a fan of Bullet Blues jeans. For the girl with a little curve to her bod, they're seriously the best jeans. Whether it's a dark wash, a classic boot cut, straight or skinny they offer me the perfect combination of style, comfort and sensuality – exactly how I like my jeans! These jeans give me a sexy, slimming silhouette while hugging my curves in just the right way… and they make my butt look great as well! Whenever I perform or travel I need at least one great pair of jeans and Bullet Blues have that cool vibe I want on and off stage… that's why I'm a Bullet Blues Girl!”

- Sheila Marshall, Country Singer & Bullet Blues Girl

"I am SO excited that Bullet Blues has come out with skinnies in colored denim! I ordered them in gray and the fabric is amazing - super soft and it almost looks coated." 
--Ana Bogusky

"Feeling fierce this Friday (nice alliteration huh?! ;) in my new Nuit Bullet Blues Jeans...these jeans are ridiculously comfortable...and the dark wash "shaved" about 5 lbs. off of me! And the best part is that these jeans are AMERICAN MADE, of AMERICAN MADE DENIM!!! Bring it world...I am ready for you! ;)"
--Erika K.

"I just love the Camille top from Bullet Blues Custom Apparel, LLC and think Isabelle Benoit is doing a fantastic job with this All American company!"
--Virginia Shimcock

Feedback on quality jeans made in USA by Bullet Blues
Feedback on designer jeans by Bullet Blues

“Very comfortable Bullet Blues Jeans!”
Josh Miller - Made in the USA: The 30 day Journey

"Wonderful!!! Congratulations on your spectacular fall line. Very impressive, and so LOVE that it is all Made in USA"
--  Margarita Mendoza ,from the Made in America Movement

"The grey skinny jeans are my #1 favorite!"
--Liz Fischer "Great American skinny jeans--such a pretty color, and the top is so sophisticated and chic!"
-- Daniela Vela


I am in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, with your awesome jeans!!! But what woman isn’t, right? More so because they are Made in USA.”
Margarita Mendoza, from the Made in America Movement

“Love the jeans!!! Great quality!!! Buy American!”
Mark Hilderbrand

"I'm loving the fabric of my top--I get so many compliments on the purple color, and it's silky and amazingly soft..."
--Cathy Smith 

Feedback from the Made in America Movement
Feedback on premium denim jeans made in USA

"I picked up my package from my landlord this afternoon and passed along some information about your brand. She really liked the material and that it's made in the USA. (She owns the printing company that I live above). Can't wait to wear them tomorrow. :-)"
--Zacahary  Ordo

"Love that your jeans are made in the USA!"
-- Amy Matto New York

I’m obsessed with my Bullet Blues Jeans!”
Kathleen Craig

“I love these jeans! I’ve been looking a long time for jeans to fit this perfectly!  Finally. My husband say his Bullet Blues jeans are the most comfortable he’s ever worn.” 
Traci Buto

“My wife loves her Bullet Blues! ”
—James Chaloux

I really enjoy my BB jeans, very comfortable. They wash up great and going to purchase another pair soon
—Joe Venci

Feedback on premium denim jeans made in USA
Feedback about the quality for jeans made in USA

”I love my Bullet Blues jeans… so comfortable and great quality! LOVE American made. Thank you!”
—Kelly Westhoven

”My “Bullet Blues” fit amazing and look fabulous!! Incredible quality, too. It’s a winner!!! Will definitely recommend to everyone.”
—Beth R. Snyder

"I just received my jeans. They fit like a glove!"
--Nadine Kossow

"I am a huge supporter of made in America products...and here's one I just can't get enough of! Bullet Blues Jeans...a fantastic jean made here in the US of American made fabric (trust me...that's a big deal....most apparel made in the US is made with imported fabric). Their fit and styling is great....and you can feel good about wearing them, knowing your purchase helps support American families! ;)"

“Just a note to thank you, I received my skinnies just before my cruise. They are super comfy and versatile. They are true to the description on your website A great find a must have!!! Thanks again.” 
Lori Garner

Feedback for designer skinny jeans from Bullet Blues
Quality jeans for Cowboys

”Dan Curtin commented on how sturdy the denim is. He and his brother discussed how some of the other jeans that are supposed to be geared towards cowboys are thin and rip easily. Bullet Blues makes a premium product that not only look good but do the work hard too!”
Maria Nela Rebelo Bollinger - Dream Catcher Images (photography)

”Great quality, superior comfort. All around good jeans that would hold up to any job, and look great on the dance floor.”
—Dan Curtin (Top High School & College Bull Rider!)

"Love the jeans best ever."
- Dave Mccabe

"I rocked my white Bullet Blue jeans today. Can't beat that!"
Kayla Votaw

"I got your jeans today (We were gone for the last 5 days) and tried them on and they look and feel great. I will definitely order another pair of your jeans!! I just love the look. Keep making your great jeans :)"
Linda Ballman (about her Babe Jour Jeans)

Feedback for designer skinny jeans from Bullet Blues